I’ve made a mistake


I’ve made a mistake

I’m recklessly ambitious. In America, ambition is a good thing – it’s hunger, it’s drive. I hate it when people use the word negatively.


U.S. military leaders: Strikes in Syria are just the start of a prolonged campaign


Dukat is suuuuuch a piece of shit but one of my favorite characters in all of Star Trek. 


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"Several civilians."

In case anyone was wondering whether U.S.-Arab regime airstrikes in Syria are about helping the Syrian people, here’s how important their deaths are. Not even worth the effort of getting an exact number down, much less listing their names. 

The U.S. military has a history of downplaying or outright denying civilian casualties caused by it’s actions. For example, when the U.S. invaded Panama, it publicly claimed that only a couple hundred civilians died, even as an internal memo circulating within the Pentagon pegged the numbers at at least 1,000 civilians killed. There are many, many other examples though.